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<what cancer

Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth, which has the ability to infiltrate and damage healthy cells in the body. Each body cell has a control center called the nucleus. The nucleus consists of a series of DNA chains that function as regulators of the nature and workings of each cell, including to divide. Normally, cells will divide according to a predetermined time and with genetic traits in normal cells. But when mutations occur in cells, the genetic information of cells in the DNA chain is damaged, double-printed or even lost, during the process of cell division. In cancer, a mutation occurs where cells will divide too much so that it will form tumor tissue. Based on the types of cells that are attacked, cancer can be divided into 5 groups, namely: 1. Carcinoma, cancer that originates from the skin tissue or the outer layer of internal organs. Carcinoma is divided into several subtypes including adenocarcinoma, basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, and transitional cell cancer. 2. Sarcomas, cancers originating from connective tissue such as bone tissue, cartilage tissue, fat tissue, muscle tissue, and blood vessel tissue. 3. Leukemia, a cancer that originates from blood-forming tissues such as bone marrow. This type of cancer causes excessive production of blood cells which will then be released into the bloodstream. 4. Lymphoma and Mieloma, cancer that originates from cells in the immune system. 5. Cancer in the brain and spinal cord, which is cancer that originates from the central nervous system tissue. In addition to these categories, cancer is also divided according to the organ from which cancer tissue develops, such as lung cancer or breast cancer.